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Strict adherence to project timelines

We’ll get your idea off the page and into your inventory as quickly as anybody. But a good technical apparel product doesn’t materialize out of thin air; it evolves over time. Our dynamic development process builds in room for experimentation; for testing alternative ideas and solutions. You can trust that Erickson Outdoors — as your project manager — has one eye firmly fixed on the calendar. So before we start your project we’ll establish a timeline based your merchandising calendar, and we’ll give you a road map with key milestones identified. You’ll know when to expect clothing samples, when to review pricing, when to sign off on grading — and when to expect delivery. Because your apparel product — no matter how good — isn’t worth much if it doesn’t get to market on time.

Production and merchandising calendar
Erickson Outdoors - Technical Apparel Design and Manufacturing