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Formal Nine-Step Process

A good product doesn’t happen by accident. During our 20 plus years in business, we’ve figured out the best ways to get your technical apparel project from design brief to production-ready. It’s a formal process, and you can see from our flow chart that we take the details seriously. We don’t expect you to read the fine print here — just know that because we stick with a process, we’re not likely to get off track. And you’ll know where you stand throughout the time you work with us.

Here's how it works:
  1. Project brief We meet with client to explore and define your specific wants and needs; we prepare a project brief that covers all the details.
  2. Preliminary costing We conduct a reality check to determine that we can meet your cost and delivery targets.
  3. Pattern and sample making We create patterns and clothing samples, solve technical issues and resolve costing assumptions.
  4. Design approval You approve the final design sample and issue a purchase order for bulk production.
  5. Planning for bulk production We order raw materials, grade the pattern for all required sizes and test the patterns in the actual manufacturing setting.
  6. Final internal review Our design and production heads meet to re-confirm all details.
  7. Bulk production We issue raw materials to sewing factories, manage the manufacturing schedule and perform regular on-site quality inspections.
  8. Packaging and pre-shipment audit We submit shipment samples to client, package the individual products, perform a quality audit and transmit the advance shipping notice.
  9. Bulk shipment/customs clearance We ship product according to client’s instructions.
Erickson Outdoors - Apparel Design and Manufacturing Process

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Nine-Step - Apparel Design and Manufacturing
Design brief Pattern and clothing sample Packaging and shipping
Erickson Outdoors - Technical Apparel Design and Manufacturing.